Snack Stats: Stranger Things & Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things 1

The first snack appears in the basement, and it’s pizza.

The Wheeler Fridge contains the following food magnets: a pear, garlic cloves, green olives, chili pepper, mushroom, apple slice, tomato (2), broccoli, egg over easy, peppermint sucker.

Dustin is first character to take an on-screen bite. Chomp Clock starts.

Hopper is introduced with empty beer cans and a half-eaten sandwich on the table.

Jonathon makes brekky, and nobody eats it.

Wheelers eat brekky. Nancy is second character to chomp.

Eleven chomps on stolen fries for 7 seconds in her first appearance.

The Party, Joyce, Jonathon, Hopper, Eleven, and the Wheelers are all introduced in a scene containing food.

Eleven’s 2nd scene has her snacking on a burger and fries for 50 seconds, taking two small breaks to answer a question and stop a rickety fan with telekinesis.

Not a fan

Teddy Legend gets in 34 seconds of Chomp Time. Second straight appearance with food. Mrs. Wheeler really hopes he enjoys it.

We have ourselves a Chomp Battle! Eleven vs Teddy Legend.

Annnnd just when you think Teddy Legend is gonna make up ground, Eleven goes for the Triple Snack debut and squeezes in 10 seconds of Chomp Time.

She even got food on her shirt

Eleven’s first three scenes: Fries, Burger, Ice Cream for 1:07 Total Chomp Time. ๐Ÿ™

Eggos make first appearance in Episode 2 w/ 47:00 left to go.

Mike fucking destroys an entire Eggo in 7 seconds, talks shit to sis immediately following last bite.

Finn Savage

Eleven takes her first Eggo bite in Episode 2.

The Wheelers already have 4 Snack Scenes under their belt.

Karen and Ted are only characters at dinner table to eat the meatloaf. Teddy Legend chomps for maybe a second. What a missed opportunity.

After 2 episodes:
Eleven = 1:13 Total Chomp Time
Teddy Legend = 0:35 Total Chomp Time

Dustin’s snack stash: Nutty Bars, Bazooka, Pez, Smarties, Pringles, Nila Wafers, Apple, Banana, Trail Mix. ๐Ÿ‘€

A mysterious stir-snack in Episode 3 kicks of a 20-scene snack drought.


There’s a picture of a birthday cake on Nancy’s bulletin board.

Episode 4 still snackless.


Only one snack in Episode 4.

Everybody is snacking at the funeral in Episode 5. Teddy kicks off the scene w/ 6 seconds of Chomp Time.


Wheeler Snack Scenes jump to 5.

Dustin rocks an Artichoke Festival t-shirt. ๐Ÿ™Œ

I search for an expiration date on some Cool Whip I found in the back of my fridge.


Eleven giving zero shits

Eleven chomps again!

She eats almost four boxes of frozen Eggos between the time she steals them and when Dustin and Mike yell for her in the woods.

The Box of Donuts makes its fourth appearance of season. ๐Ÿ‘€

Snack Packs!!

The food magnets on the Wheeler Fridge have been dramatically reduced to pear, mushroom, tomato, broccoli, and chili pepper.

The Vanishing Of Food Magnets

Teddy Legend closing out with back-to-back sleeping scenesโ€ฆ the last one with a fucking bowl of popcorn in his lap. LEGEND!!! ๐Ÿ’ฏ

Teddy Legend


Snack is bond

Snack Stats for Season 1

  • 47 Snack Scenes*
  • 215 Total Scenes**
  • 21.9% Snacky
  • Chomp Time: 4:30***
  • First character to chomp is Dustin
  • Episode 1 has most Snack Scenes (11)
  • Episode 4 has fewest Snack Scenes (1)
  • 5.9 snack scenes per episode
  • Eleven Chomp Time: 1:21
  • Teddy Legend Chomp Time: 0:41
  • Teddy Legend Nap Time: 0:12
  • Eleven only eats in episodes 1, 2 and 6
  • Teddy Legend only eats in episodes 1, 2, and 5
  • It takes Eleven 13 seconds to crush a Coke can with her mind
  • It takes her 4 seconds to stop the rickety fan at Benny’s
  • The Wheelers have 5 Snack Scenes together
  • The Wheeler Fridge has 10 different food magnets
  • Sneakiest Snack: Pink Box of Donuts (4 appearances)
  • Jonathon makes brekky twice, and nobody eats it
  • Joyce never chomps
  • Neither does Lucas
  • Jonathon and Will both take their first bites during the last scene
  • Last scene cuts to title card before Joyce takes her first bite
  • Snack Shacks: Benny’s Burgers, Bradley’s Big Buy, Hideaway, Fair Mart, Melvald’s General Store

*The term Snack refers any food item
**The term Scene refers to our interpretation of such
***All Chomp Time recorded via iPhone stopwatch app and is therefore subject to the quickness of our thumbs

Stranger Things 2

Teddy Legend chomping Pringles right out the gate, giving us our first Snack Scene of the season, as well as starting the Chomp Clock. What a legend.

Teddy Legend laying down law with a mouthful of Pringles

Teddy Legend not fucking around with a back-to-back Double Snack, totaling 9 seconds of chomp time. He’s still behind Eleven for the series but establishes an early season lead. Wheeler Snack Scenes climb to 6.

Nancy is only one not to eat KFC at Barb’s house. Steve eats the most.

Merrill’s Pumpkin Patch is on front page of the Hawkins Post.

Will is first Party member to get Chomp Time. It’s popcorn, and he’s the only one snacking during movie night.

Eggoโ€™s first appearance w/ 3:54 left in Episode 1.

I dunno

Eleven closes Episode 1 w/ 15 seconds of Chomp Time. Snatches the season lead AND increases her series lead. Brilliant.

Oh shit. Hopper comes out of nowhere and has 20 seconds of Chomp Time. ๐Ÿค

11 Snack Scenes and 2 minutes of Chomp Time in Episode 1.

Are you sure about that?

Eleven gets 7 more seconds of Chomp Time (Eggos).

Jonathon makes brekky for the third time in the series. Nobody eats it.

Pumpkins are 2 for $4.

Mad Max lives up Old CHERRY Road.


The Box of Donuts is back for its 6th series appearance.

Dustin and Pollywog bring Chomp Time to 2:55 seconds.


Eleven only chomps on it for 2 seconds tho; Hopper chomps on it for 0!! He does lick the knife. I’ll give him two seconds.

Best snack in Netflix Originalverse

Joyce takes her first bite of series in Episode 3 #Baloney

Only Joyce chomps during her lunch break with Bob. It appears Bob has already finished his sandwich (wrapper on bench and you can see him wiping his mouth with a napkin at the very beginning of scene). He chugs that Dr. Pepper tho!

Teddy Legend returns with 13 seconds of Chomp Time.

Wheeler Snack Scenes climb to 7. Finn Savage makes his Season 2 Chomp debut.

After 4 Episodes:
Eleven = 0:24
Hopper = 0:22
Teddy Legend = 0:22

Love at First Bite Pacman poster is in Arcade office.

So are hot dog ovens.

Erica pours 16 seconds worth of syrup on her French toast.

We see you, Erica

No Eggos in Episode 5.

Dunkin Donuts commercial plays on Terry Ives’ TV.

Elevenโ€™s aunt feeds her a sandwich, but Eleven never takes a bite.

Murray fails to take a bite of awkward brekky; Jonathon and Nancy do.

Eleven hasn’t eaten since Episode 3; Teddy Legend since Episode 4.

When Kali’s gang robs the Gas & Go, Eleven is the only one to grab snacks (Eggos). Funshine takes beer, Dotti snags Tampons and Sunglasses, and Axel handles the cash. Eleven is only one to leave store empty handed. No snacks are actually stolen.

Sean Astin becomes a snack in Episode 8.

Actual footage of Sean Astin becoming a statistic

Demo-Dogs feed on Sean Astin for 16 seconds

Garbage pile of snacks saves Episode 8 from being technically snackless.

Trash Tarts

Lucas, Mad Max, Billy and Bob have yet to chomp.

How many snacks does Billy and Mrs. Wheeler count as?๐Ÿ˜ป

Billy takes a bite out of a sneaky little cookie to give Episode 9 its first snack, as well as increase the Chomp Time to 4:58.24

Sneaky little cookie

One month laterโ€ฆ

Murray tailgates outside of Hawkins Lab with four cold ones.

Dr. Owens offers Hopper Sandwich. Hopper initially declines. Then Hopper ends scene with 11 seconds of Chomp Time FOR THE SEASON WIN w/ 33 SECONDS!!!

Hopper and Doctor Owens bring Chomp Clock to 5:15.94

Last Snack Appearance: 10:55 left in Episode 9 โ€“ Lucas, Max and Mike, all with snack plates. Nobody chomps.

Nevermind, itโ€™s an extra sitting at a table in the background, snacking in absolute misery w/ 8:53 left remaining.


She also increases Chomp Time to 5:19.00

โ€œI donโ€™t either. Do you want to figure it out?โ€ Awwwwwwwwwwwww.

The End.๐Ÿ˜ช

Peek-a-boo Pringles

Snack Stats for Season 2

  • 66 Snack Scenes
  • 205 Total Scenes
  • 32.2% Snacky
  • Chomp Time: 5:19
  • Episode 2 has the most Snack Scenes (17)
  • Episode 8 the fewest Snack Scenes (1)
  • 7.3 Snack Scenes per episode
  • Hopper Chomp Time: 0:33
  • Eleven Chomp Time: 0:24
  • Teddy Legend Chomp Time: 0:22
  • Lucas, Mad Max, Murray and Bob all go Chompless in Season 2
  • Lucas is only main character to go both seasons w/out a chomp
  • Dustin has a Ghostbusters lunchbox
  • Eggos make a cameo in each of the first four episodes

Snack Stats for Series

  • 111 Snack Scenes
  • 420* Total Scenes
  • 26.4% Snacky
  • Chomp Time: 9:49
  • First character to chomp is Dustin, then Nancy
  • Hopper is last main character to chomp
  • 6.5 Snack Scenes per episode
  • S2 Episode 2 has most Snack Scenes (17)
  • S1 Episode 4 and S2 Episode 8 have fewest Snack Scenes (1)
  • Eleven Chomp Time: 1:46
  • Teddy Legend Chomp Time: 1:03
  • Hopper Chomp Time: 0:40
  • Teddy Legend Nap Time: 0:12
  • Eleven eats more in her first three scenes than anybody else does in entire series
  • Eleven eats more in her second scene than anybody else in entire series, except for Teddy Legend
  • Eleven and Teddy Legend each only eat in 6 of 17 episodes
  • Eleven has longest uninterrupted chomp at 34 seconds (S1E1)
  • Eggos make up 23 seconds (22%) of Eleven’s Chomp Time
  • Hopper only takes 4 sips of alcohol
  • The Wheeler Family have 7 Snack Scenes together
  • The Box of Donuts appears 6 different times
  • Jonathon makes brekky 3 times, and nobody ever eats it
  • Lucas NEVER chomps
  • The Wheeler Fridge has 10 different snack magnets
  • Dustin & Eleven are the only two to wear clothes featuring food
  • Dustin chomps most out of The Party, followed by Mike, then Will


IMDB Cast & Chew

  • Mary KRAFT is an ER Doctor in 1 episode of Season 2
  • Sharon FRANK is uncredited Park Visitor in Season 2
  • Robert HATCH is uncredited Doctor in Season 2
  • Mark BERRY is Shop Foreman for Season 2
  • Heidi BEERS is Key Scenic Artist in Season 1 (Uncredited)
  • Jonathon CORONA is Assistant Sound Editor in Seasons 1 & 2
  • Lindsay PEPPER is an uncredited Foley Artist in Season 2
  • Timothy LAMB is Animatronic Technician in Season 1
  • NACHO Gasco is an artist in Season 2
  • Roxanne ROCA does uncredited Stunts in Season 1
  • Jeff CRUMBLEY is B Camera Operator in Seasons 1 & 2
  • Curtis Bonds BAKER is a Still Photographer in Season 1
  • Keith CUTLER is a Set Lighting Technician in Season 1
  • Andrew Ian RICE is a Rigging Grip in Season 1
  • John SWEET is an uncredited Rigging Electrician in Season 2
  • Eevee SAUCEdo is an uncredited Creature Animator in Season 2
  • Laurent Marchand (Laurent’s catering) is the CATERER for all episodes


  • TWIST of Fate โ€“ Olivia Newton-John
  • WHIP It โ€“ Devo

*Coke was not counted as a snack; just edibles.

Editor’s Note: All numbers were compiled via pen tally and stopwatch app, while snacking heavily ourselves. We tried our most.

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