Snack Stats: Stranger Things 3 (ep. 1 – 4)

In Season 1, Eleven spent her first three scenes chomping on screen for 1:07, which was more than any other character in the first two seasons combined sans Teddy Legend. So far, in Season 3, she has yet to take a bite through the first 4 episodes. Teddy Legend has fallen, The Wheeler Family has yet to break bread together (7 previous times in Seasons 1 and 2), and Jonathan hasn’t made a brekky for anyone to not eat (3 previous times in Seasons 1 and 2).

However, there are still snacks EVERYWHERE in the third season!

Here are some of our favorite Snack Stats through the first 4 episodes.

  • Snack Shacks: Scoops Ahoy, Orange Julius, Hot Dog on a Stick, The Great Cookie, New York Pizza, Tepanyaki, Burger King, Imperial Panda, and a Taco Bell coming soon. And Enzos.
  • Snack Songs: My Bologna – Weird Al; American Pie – Don McLean
  • Brekky Count: 1 (Will and Joyce)
  • Hopper Dinner Invitations: 4 (one sarcastically, on behalf of Alexei)
  • Hopper Snacks: Tostitos, Salsa, Honey Smacks, Breadsticks
  • Erica’s Sample Requests: Peppermint Stick, Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl
  • Hopper is first character to chomp (Chips and Salsa)
  • Chips and Salsa is also first snack appearance
  • Erica’s sprinkled ice cream cone matches her outfit
  • Erica and her four friends (the future party for season 4?): Two chocolate, orange sherbet, vanilla, something w/sprinkles
  • Scoops Ahoy is first Snack Shack we see in mall
  • SNACKGROUND: Nuts, Cones, Cherries
  • The Party sneaks in 7up and Skittles
  • None of them have popcorn
  • Girl behind them is chomping on Milk Duds the entire time
  • Steve is scooping chocolate ice cream when power goes out
  • Bananas hang by the light switch
  • There’s a Candy Crane by the mechanical horses
  • The last Day of the Dead scene we see is a rotten pumpkin patch… kinda like the one in Season 2…
  • Joyce and Will have pancakes and eggs for brekky
  • Jonathan will eat at work because he’s late
  • Nancy passes out 11 burgers/sandwiches at Hawkins Post
  • Pool Mom Sodas: Coke, 7-Up
  • One scoop of chocolate is $1.25 at Scoops Ahoy
  • Steve makes $3.00 per hour at Scoops Ahoy
  • Steve makes 2.4 scoops of chocolate ice cream per hour
  • There’s an Orange Julius directly across from Scoops Ahoy
  • DEVILED EGG: A pumpkin Halloween bucket from season 2 is on bottom shelf, in the background, as Hopper and Joyce practice Hop’s speech
  • Joyce warms up her leftovers for 2:00, somehow in the same Sharp microwave MY mom still uses
  • The silver cat feeds when blue meets yellow in the west
  • Hot Dog on a Stick’s first appearance
  • Dustin chomps on a Banana Boat
  • Pretty sure Billy is snacking on Ammonia
  • Weird Al ‘s My Bologna, which is on his Food Album, plays during Mr. Clarke’s cameo
  • Taco Bell is Coming Soon to Starcourt
  • Hopper’s order at Enzos: Double Scotch and one bottle of chee-anti
  • He also chomps on breadsticks while shit-canned
  • Eleven finds Ralph Macchio in first scene of Episode 3
  • Eleven spies the following snacks: Doritos, Pizza Hut, Bird Eggs, Skittles, Coke, Orange Crush
  • Mike’s burp smells like nacho cheese
  • Lucas farts for 2.77 seconds
  • A&W Root Beer can in background as Will the Wise gets his nerd on
  • Dunkin Donuts first appearance at Hawkins Post
  • Recipe for an Evil Russian: Tall, blond, not smiling, earpieces, camo duffle bags
  • Steve calls Dustin a pea brain
  • Cocoa Puffs are in the dungeon!
  • Lifeguard sipping Cherry coke
  • Dustin is wearing a Weird Al T-shirt
  • Imperial Panda = A Trip to China
  • Chateau D’Huet = wine
  • Heather burns the cookies
  • American Pie plays as Billy and Heather drug Heather’s parents
  • The Scoops Ahoy tip jar is next to the sprinkle jar
  • Dustin licks Steve’s scooper, Steve holsters the scooper like Doc Fucking Holliday
  • Erica’s price for Operation Child Endangerment: 4 waffle cones, 4 ice cream bowls, 2 ice cream cups, 1 waffle bowl, 2 floats, 1 giant fucking slice of ice cream cake, 1 USS Butterscotch… and free ice cream for life
  • Oh yeah, magnetism be gone
  • The air hisses, and it’s definitely not Chinese food

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