Snack Stats: Stranger Things 3

The first one to snack is Hopper. The last one to snack is Cheeto Keith. In between, we have compiled a detailed list of over 200 Snack Stats for you to chew on.

Find out how many times Lucas eats cereal straight from the box, what OTHER brand of waffle makes a cameo, how Eleven only eats two M&Ms and a few nibbles of ice cream throughout the entire season, or in which episode a major Snack Error occurs involving Hopper, Todd, and a time traveling pepperoni stick. Snack on these and much, much more below. Enjoy!


Let the snacking begin
  • Hopper is first character to chomp onscreen
  • Chips and salsa is also first snack appearance
  • Erica’s sprinkled ice cream cone matches her outfit
  • Erica and her four friends (the future party for season 4?): Two chocolate scoops, orange sherbet, vanilla, something w/sprinkles
  • Scoops Ahoy is first Snack Shack we see in the Starcourt
  • SNACKGROUND: nuts, rainbow sprinkles (large and small), chocolate sprinkles, cherries
  • Before the feature presentation of Day of the Dead, we see an empty soda cup fly into the trashcan onscreen
  • The Party sneaks 7-up and Skittles into the movie
  • None of them have popcorn
  • A girl behind them is chomping on Milk Duds the entire time
  • Steve is scooping chocolate ice cream when power goes out
  • Bananas hang by the light switch
  • There’s a Candy Crane by the mechanical horses
  • The last Day of the Dead scene we see is a rotten pumpkin patch… kinda like the one in Season 2…
  • Joyce and Will have pancakes and eggs for brekky
  • Jonathan will eat at work because he is running late
  • Nancy passes out 11 burgers/sandwiches at Hawkins Post
  • SNACK FACT: Nancy Drew Wheeler WOULD ABSOLUTELY solve the case of the missing condiments
  • Pool Mom sodas: Coke, Diet Cherry 7-Up
  • One scoop of chocolate is $1.25 at Scoops Ahoy
  • Steve makes $3.00 per hour at Scoops Ahoy
  • Steve earns 2.4 scoops of chocolate ice cream per hour
  • Orange Julius is across from Scoops Ahoy
  • While Steve flirts with two girls, the one in the Purdue shirt licks her chocolate cone once while her friend in the floral print licks her orange sherbet 4 times
  • DEVILED EGG: A pumpkin Halloween bucket from season 2 is on bottom shelf, in the background, as Hopper and Joyce practice Hop’s speech
  • SNACKGROUND: Bargain Bin Baby Ruth
  • Billy tries to snack on his whistle
Snack Attack
  • Lucas offers Max his backwash
  • FRIDGE CAM: Hot dogs, apple, milk, orange juice, coke, leftover peas, mystery leftover
  • Joyce warms up her Green Bean Lasagna Casserole Chunk and side of leftover peas for 2:00, in the same Sharp microwave MY mom still uses
  • Joyce has a flashback of Bob and a bowl of popcorn
  • DEVILED EGG: Joyce’s glass of wine travels back with her to flashback of Bob
  • Or maybe she just likes wine
  • The silver cat feeds when blue meets yellow in the west


  • Joyce claps over Moon Pies and Lollipops
  • Snack Magnets: Carrot, Bananas, Apple, possible double barrel corn situation, ladybug…
  • Nancy pours coffee in regular ass coffee mug for 11 seconds before it overflows #impossible
  • Tom takes his coffee with two creams, two sugars
  • Hot Dog on a Stick’s first appearance
  • Robin does a no-look, double fist cone-give to two customers
  • Dustin chomps on a Banana Boat
  • Pretty sure Billy is snacking on Ammonia
  • SNACK FACT: Erica has already tried the Peppermint Stick
  • Steve chomps on a banana to think clearer
  • He finishes it in just under 25 seconds
  • Weird Al’s My Bologna, which is on his Food Album, plays during Mr. Clarke’s cameo
  • Eleven explodes Orange Julius cup in 2.28 seconds
  • Taco Bell is Coming Soon to Starcourt
  • Eleven finally eats, and it’s only a few nibbles of ice cream cone with Max
  • SNACK FACT: Eleven dumped Mike’s ass while holding Max’s ice cream cone
  • Hopper’s order at Enzos: Double Scotch and one bottle of chee-anti
  • He also chomps on breadsticks while shit-canned


  • Eleven finds Ralph Macchio in first scene of Episode 3
  • Eleven spies the following snacks: Doritos, Pizza Hut, Bird Eggs, Skittles, Coke, Orange Crush
  • Mike’s burp smells like nacho cheese
  • Lucas farts for 2.77 seconds
  • SNACK FACT: That was first time Eleven has ever heard a fart
  • Will the Wise plays nerd music and wakes up Mike and Lucas in a panic, sending a crushed Coke can flying from Mike’s lap
  • SNACKGROUND: A&W Root Beer can as Will the Wise nerds out
  • Hopper chugs Hangover Milk w/ Honey Smacks in the Snackground
  • Dunkin Donuts’ first appearance on a coffee cup at Hawkins Post
  • SNACK FACT: Erica would like to try the peanut butter chocolate swirl
  • Steve and Dustin play Spycraft in front of Imperial Panda
  • Recipe for an Evil Russian: Tall, blond, not smiling, earpieces, camo, duffle bags
  • Steve calls Dustin a pea brain
  • Cocoa Puffs are in the dungeon
  • Lifeguard sipping Diet Cherry Coke
  • Dustin is wearing a Weird Al T-shirt
  • SNACK CODE: Imperial Panda = A Trip to China
  • Creepy Dinner = Comfort food & wine (Chicken, taters, and green beans??)
  • Chateau D’Huet = wine
  • Heather burns the cookies
  • SNACK FACT: The girls would NOT like a cookie
  • American Pie plays as Billy and Heather drug Heather’s parents
  • Heather knocks out her mom with the bottle of wine


  • Honey Smacks still on Hopper’s countertop
  • SNACK FACT: Russians don’t want anyone finding whatever is in the Imperial Panda boxes
  • “In the meantime, sling ice cream, behave, don’t get beat up.” – Robin Wonderful
  • Dustin is wearing a bitching Roast Beef T-shit
  • Tip jar is next to rainbow sprinkles
  • Dustin licks Steve’s scooper, Steve holsters the scooper like Doc Fucking Holliday
  • SNACK FACT: It’s a little weird that Billy has his shirt on
  • Erica’s price for Operation Child Endangerment: 4 waffle cones, 4 ice cream bowls, 2 ice cream cups, 1 waffle bowl, 2 floats, 1 giant ass slice of ice cream cake, 1 USS Butterscotch… and free ice cream for life
  • ALL THE SNACK MAGNETS HAVE VANISHED FROM THE WHEELER FRIDGE (10 different snack magnets in Season 1)
  • SNACKGROUND: Sprite Vending Machine
  • The air hisses, and it’s definitely not Chinese food


Alexei Flawless
  • Snacks FINALLY appear at 14:03, in the basement, on the snack table
  • Doritos, Ruffles, Hawaiian Punch, Gatorade, Orange Crush, Coke, and three bottles of Yoo-Hoo
  • Cocoa Puffs’ second appearance
  • Lucas is first character to snack in Chapter 5, straight from the Cocoa Puff box, like a legend
  • Erica trying to drink the green shit
  • Steve pisses on an Imperial Panda box
  • Steve calls Dustin Roast Beef, taps Dustin’s Roast Beef shirt
  • SNACK FACT: Mrs. Driscoll’s favorite snack is fertilizer
  • Hopper suggests a date at Enzos to Joyce for a fourth time, but this time on behalf of her “new boyfriend”, Alexei Flawless
  • SNACK FACT: Alexei Flawless can sense 7/11’s and will run toward them when threatened
  • The 7/11 clerk, Ricky, is chomping on skittles, wearing a New Coke button
  • Joyce, Hopper and Alexei all chug sodas – Hop = Jolt, Alexei = Coke, Joyce = Grape Soda(?)
  • Hopper buys a six pack of coke, Funyuns and two Slim Jims
  • Alexei Flawless pours Cherry Slurpee on his hand and licks it
  • Alexei Flawless now has large Slurpee in hand… in a cup
  • SNACK ERROR: When Hopper is taking Todd’s car, he slaps his Slim Jim on Todd’s chest, Todd clutches it, and Hopper proceeds to get into Todd’s car. When the camera cuts to the front of Hopper, he is now holding the Slim Jim again. He lets Joyce in the car, chomps on some Jim, then slaps it on Todd’s chest, and Todd clutches it… AGAIN #glitchinthematrix
  • Nancy Drew Wheeler plays snack detective at the creepy dinner scene
  • Hot on Hopper, Joyce, and Alexei’s trail, the Russian Motorcycle T1000 buys Hostess Filled Sno-Balls and Cupcakes
  • He smashes Ricky’s face into the cupcakes
  • The Party snacks out in the hospital
  • Lucas tosses Max a skittle, and she catches it in her mouth on the first try
  • Will has a bag of Reese’s Pieces, Mike has a bag of M&Ms, Max tosses skittles for Lucas in the snackground
  • Mike pours Eleven a handful of M&Ms; she eats a green one first
  • Then she eats a yellow M&M as we cut to next scene
  • There’s a half-eaten blueberry muffin on the Nurse receptionist’s desk
  • Snack Chair: Ruffles, Snickers, Three Musketeers, Kit Kat, Mystery Bag of Potato Chips, Mystery Snacks (Pork Rhine’s and shit?)
  • The Snack Chair has been rearranged and more snacks added to it; possible snack error situation


Red, White, and Brewed
  • SNACK SHACK: Fun Fair
  • Leo’s Lunch = Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Sausage Grinders, Root Beer… and, of course, Coke
  • SNACKGROUND: Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Steak on a Stick
  • A Hot Dog stand is right in the main thoroughfare, and it pisses Mayor Kline off
  • Hopper brings back two Whoppers, extra ketchup, large fry, pack of Marlboro Reds, and one extra-large Slurpee
  • Burger King is nowhere near the 7/11
  • Hopper is first to chomp this episode
  • Alexei flawless is right on his ass
  • He also thinks the Slurpee tastes like shit strawberry
  • Shit Strawberry needs to be a Ben & Jerry flavor, and I want all the credit for that
  • SNACK FACT: Steve doesn’t know if Russian ice cream is considered Gelato or not
  • Eleven be looking for shit with a blindfold on again
  • Honey Snacks makes its second series appearance
  • It’s also the second time we see Lucas eating cereal straight from the box like a legend
Lucas Legend
  • SNACKGROUND: green beans, soup, sandwich (cheese?), Lucky Charms, milk
  • Alexei uses Burger King fry box to model the gate to the Upside Down
  • Eleven looking for Billy AGAIN
  • Chugs water
  • SNACKGROUND: half eaten sandwich and half FULL glass of milk; saltine crackers
  • Lucky Charms make second appearance, and it gives Eleven a flashback
  • Eleven is looking for Billy……. AGAIN
  • SNACKGROUND: At Murray’s, there’s another half-eaten sandwich and half FULL glass of milk
  • Robin and Steve are high as shit, and it’s awesome
  • Sneaky Snack Watch: half-eaten sandwiches and glasses of milk
  • SNACKGROUND: Lipton iced tea (Red, White and Blue can)
  • We see burnt burgers and brats at zombie BBQ


High Robin and Baked Steve
  • Girl in crowd listening to Mayor Kline’s speech is holding a giant ass, swirly sucker
  • Teddy Legend FINALLY has decent screen time, but no chomp time
  • Chapter 7 is called The Bite and is the first chapter title in the entire series that is snack-related
  • High Robin would kill for a hot dog on a stick
  • SNACK FACT: High Robin’s favorite snack is the air
  • High Robin and Baked Steve chomp on popcorn while watching Back to the Future
  • SNACK FACT: Joyce and Hopper’s bickering is growing stale
  • Bradley’s Big Buy!!!
  • Spied Cereals: Mr. T, Honey Comb, Smurf Berry Crunch, Cracker Jack Cereal, Crunch Berries, Super Sugar Crips, Ghost Busters, Rainbow Brite, GI Joe, Corn Flakes, crispy rice, Cocoa Rice, Donkey Kong, 40% Bran Flakes, Frosted Rice, Shreddies, Bran Chex, Bite Size Cookies, Life, Spoon Size Shredded Wheat, Great Honey Crunchers
  • Spied Front Row Movie Snacks: Coke, Jujubes, Coke, Popcorn, Coke, Coke, Popcorn, Mystery Candy Box (I really want to say it’s Whoppers), Coke, Abandoned Popcorn
  • High Robin and Baked Steve abandoned the popcorn
  • High Robin and Baked Steve drink all the water
  • Porky the Giant Pig is 8 ft. long
  • SNACKGROUND: Lemonade, Elephant Ears
  • Aunt Jemima Waffles are below them, bottom shelf; Aunt Jemima Pancakes are to the left, top shelf
  • Lucas drinks a New Coke with his pinky up
  • High Robin calls out Baked Steve on getting bagel crumbs all over the floor back in high school
  • Murray’s definition of American: Fatty foods, ugly decadence, rigged games
  • Murray leaves Alexei to go get the closest thing to food that he can
  • SNACK FACT: The closest thing Murray can get to food are two corn dogs, each garnished with a thin squig of mustard
  • Just before Hopper and Joyce split up, we hear a vendor yell, “Who wants a hot dog?”
  • Murray blames Alexei’s death on stupid corndogs
  • Hopper escapes the Russians and runs through an abandoned tail gate before jumping in the Todd Father
  • Cookie Monster Cameo on The Great Cookie wall


  • The Party, Robin, Steve, Erica, Nancy, Jonathan, Hopper, Joyce and Murray all reunite in the food court
  • It’s a full moon out
  • Scoops Troop goes radio silent
  • The Griswold Family pushes mangled car off of New York Pizza
  • Eleven fails to crush a New Coke
  • New Coke: Uncrushable
  • Oh shit, Joyce asks Hopper out
  • Dinner invites: Hopper 4, Joyce 1
  • The Griswold Family make their exit through New York Pizza
  • DEVILED EGG: Dusty-Bun’s old hat is on Suzie-poo’s dresser
  • Billy and Max still live on Old Cherry Road
  • Billy carries Eleven through Scoop’s Ahoy
  • Yeah… you see the ladder where Hopper can make his escape. Joyce closes her eyes, turns the keys, the screen goes black. Cut to explosion, and Hopper is already gone before everything blows. It will be pretty lame if they bring him back for another season.
  • Cheeto Keith interviews Robin and Steve for jobs
  • SNACK FACT: Steve is responsible for selling so much ice cream, Scoop’s Ahoy had to get a second shipment from goddamn Michigan
  • Keith chomps on a Cheeto Puff
  • Karen’s cutting cucumbers when Mike comes in the kitchen for a hug
  • Hopper mentions Eggos twice in his last speech

…or at least it should be😉

  • First Bite: Hopper
  • Last Bite: Cheeto Keith
  • Snack Shacks: Scoops Ahoy, Orange Julius, Hot Dog on a Stick, The Great Cookie, New York Pizza, Tepanyaki, Burger King, Imperial Panda, and a Taco Bell coming soon. Melvald’s General Store, Enzos, 7/11, Bradley’s Buyout, Fun Fair, Arcade, Video Store
  • Snack Songs: My Bologna – Weird Al; American Pie – Don McLean
  • Hopper Dinner Invitations: 4 (one sarcastically, one on behalf of Alexei)
  • Joyce Dinner Invitations: 1
  • Hopper Snacks: Tostitos, Salsa, Honey Smacks, Breadsticks, Slim Jim, Whopper
  • Eleven Snacks: Ice Cream, 1 Green M&M, 1 Yellow M&M
  • Erica’s Sample Requests: Peppermint Stick, Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl
  • Coke’s slogan in 1985 was ‘America’s Real Choice’
  • New Coke debuted in 1985 but didn’t have it’s own official slogan until 1986: ‘Catch the Wave’ (
  • Brekky scenes: 1
  • Wheeler Family Snack Scenes: 0
  • After being the only character appearing in all three seasons to never take a bite onscreen in the first two seasons, Lucas Legend elevates his snack game to Next Level Shit in season 3
  • Lucas farts for longer than Eleven chomps onscreen in season 3
  • By comparison, Eleven ate more onscreen in her first four scenes in season 1 than any other character did in the first two seasons combined
  • Eggos only appear in one episode, but Eleven never eats one
  • Sneakiest Snack: Half-eaten sandwiches and glasses of milk are all over the goddamn place

Tune in for part 2 of our Stranger Things podcast on 7/14, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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