Snack Stats: Stranger Things & Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things 1 The first snack appears in the basement, and it’s pizza. The Wheeler Fridge contains the following food magnets: a pear, garlic cloves, green olives, chili pepper, mushroom, apple slice, tomato (2), broccoli, egg over easy, peppermint sucker. Dustin is first character to take an on-screen bite. Chomp Clock starts. Hopper is introduced with empty beer cans and a half-eaten sandwich on the … Continue reading Snack Stats: Stranger Things & Stranger Things 2

Sketchy Snack Stats: I Am Mother

By Poopbutt Jenkins I Grubhubbed two boxes of loaded nachos and watched this movie doused in sweat. Here’s what I observed along the way. I Am Mother Mother gives Baby first chomp in growing-up montage. Baby takes early lead w/ 1 second of chomp time. Possible apple drawing on wall behind Mother. Young Girl places Pizza sticker on bed. Silverware clattering. Stomach makes strange noise. … Continue reading Sketchy Snack Stats: I Am Mother

Podcast Episode 010 – The Perfection

Our first interview! Eric Charmelo, one of the writers of the disturbing and oddly fun The Perfection, calls in (WITH A SNACK) to discuss:-writing the movie at the dawn of MeToo -the fear of shitting your pants & how it influences your work-his next project w/ Nicole Snyder & Richard Shepard! All this and more on an all new episode! Find us on Apple Podcasts, … Continue reading Podcast Episode 010 – The Perfection

Snack Stack – Week 10

Rank Netflix Original/Film Rating  B/Ar/Al 1.  Russian Doll 9.5       9.5/9.5/9.5 2.  The Umbrella Academy 9.17      9/9/9.5 3.  The Perfection 8.4       9.3/8/7.9 4.  The Fundamentals of Caring 7.5       7.2/7.8/7.5 5.  See You Yesterday 7.4       8.5/7/6.7 6.  The Ritual 6.5       6.5/5.5/7.5 7.  The Perfect Date 5.17      5/6.5/4 8.  The Silence 5          4/4.5/6.5 9.  The Legend of Cocaine Island 4          4/3/5 10.  The Rim of the World 1          … Continue reading Snack Stack – Week 10