Eleven Degrees of Separation: Keanu Reeves

In the spirit of the delightfully charming Always Be My Maybe and its glorious use of food, we see if we can link any actor in the Netflix Originalverse to Eleven in Stranger Things by only using food scenes with other actors. Because Always Be My Maybe inspired our new twist on the classic Kevin Bacon game, our first actor is Keanu Reeves. Let’s see … Continue reading Eleven Degrees of Separation: Keanu Reeves

The Munchy Awards

And the nom-noms are… Best CharacterCJ โ€“ See You YesterdayCharlotte โ€“ The Perfection (Ep. 10 Coming 6/9/2019)Five โ€“ The Umbrella AcademyLizzie โ€“ The Perfection (Ep. 10 Coming 6/9/2019)Nadia โ€“ Russian Doll Best Supporting CharacterAlan โ€“ Russian DollCalvin โ€“ See You YesterdayHandler โ€“ The Umbrella AcademyHazel and Cha Cha โ€“ The Umbrella AcademyHorse โ€“ Russian Doll Best CastThe Perfection (Ep. 10 Coming 6/9/2019)Russian DollThe Umbrella Academy … Continue reading The Munchy Awards

Snack Stack

Week ending 6/2/2019 Rank Netflix Original/Film Rating  (B/Ar/Al) 1.  Russian Doll 9.5       (9.5/9.5/9.5) 2.  The Umbrella Academy 9.17      (9/9/9.5) 3.  The Fundamentals of Caring 7.5       (7.2/7.8/7.5) 4.  See You Yesterday 7.4       (8.5/7/6.7) 5.  The Ritual 6.5       (6.5/5.5/7.5) 6.  The Perfect Date 5.17      (5/6.5/4) 7.  The Silence 5          (4/4.5/6.5) 8.  The Legend of Cocaine Island 4          (4/3/5) 9.  Rim of the World 1          (1/1/1) Continue reading Snack Stack

Secret Shopper’s Grocery List #1 – #3

Can you guess who these three Netflix Original secret shoppers are? Make your guesses in the comments below. Secret Shopperโ€™s Grocery List #11 jar creamy peanut butter1 bag Dandies marshmallows1 loaf of breadpremium coffee groundsmargarita mix Secret Shopperโ€™s Grocery List #2Israeli jointDisco ball1 whole chicken Secret Shopper’s Grocery List #3Slim Jim Continue reading Secret Shopper’s Grocery List #1 – #3